Our Approach

Student-Centered Culture & Individualized Learning

Our focus is centered around the learner. We employ a rich engagement to build competencies in language, communication, learners' confidence, and self-esteem. We consider the learners' unique gifts and talents to build discipline and culture for problem solving.

Global Strength Based Education:

The Tender Care way of learning is aligned to 21st Century learning that is pegged on futuristic essentials such as collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking. We offer KNEC and CBC Curriculum. We identify learners' strengths and empower them to leverage these strengths and manage their challenges, growing towards greatness.

Leadership Development

The intention of all that we do is to grow the student towards excellence and godly leadership. We have developed a culture and programs that intentionally develops leadership skills at their formative ages. As our School Motto states, 'A Special Beginning'.

ICT Integration

At Tender Care Junior Academy, our digitally literate and trained teachers have made their teaching activities live and evolving. The learning environment, providing a solid foundation of technological understanding for learners to integrate in their subject matter.

Our Modern ICT Lab is fully equipped to familiarise leaners from lower primary to upper primary with the use of ICT tools and their impact of ICT in daily life.

We strive to demonstrate communication, research, practical problem solving, observation, creativity, and innovation in everyday life.

Efficient Transport System

'Anyone can drive a car, but it takes someone special to drive a school bus.'

The department is well structured and organized by professional drivers and transport assistants. The team works around the clock to ensure timely pick-ups and drop-offs of our learners.

The Transport Manager ensures all learners have been integrated into the school system in the first week of joining Tender Care Junior Academy.

We have a wide range of modern buses and vans that are well maintained, cleaned and orderly. This enables the learners to have an uninterrupted SEAR time. 'Stop Everything and Read' is a program that our learners read their story books during their extra time in class and also transport sessions. 

We create a good rapport between the transport staff and the parents/guardians. This has enabled us to work together as a team and ensures timely pickups and drop offs.

The current route system ranges from Komarock Area, Hurlingham, Chokaa, Mihang'o, Mwiki, Njiru, Matopeni, Spring Valley, Obama, Mwengenye, Saika, Kayole Junction, and Mowlem Heights, Tononoka, Pheroze, Baraka, Civil Servant, Kariobangi, Huruma, Buruburu, Fedha, Donholm, Jacaranda, Soweto, Kayole, Greenspan, Seussian, Nasra, Umoja 1,2 & 3, Tena and Innercore Estates.

School Bus Drivers are the people who transport children to their future.

French Classes

Pourquoi nous apprenons le langue etrangere?

French is said to be the Language of Love!

At Tender Care Junior Academy, we educate the mind, heart, and spirit. The aim is to produce skilled learners with the ability to understand and communicate in French. As the world is becoming a Global Village, the learners will be an asset as we continue to bridge the boundaries gap.

A learner speaking a second language has cognitive benefits including.

  • Improved memory
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Ability to multitask
  • Improved listening skills

  Le francaise c'est super! (French is interesting)

Vouloir c'est pouvoir - Where there is a will, there is a way.