Infill Branch

Infill is the Pioneer branch. For 26 years Tender Care Junior Academy Infill Campus, situated in Nairobi, Komarock Estate, Infill B Court has been offering a world-class co-educational curriculum for pre -school learners. Our skilled and devoted staff ensures that each pupil is encouraged, empowered, and prepared for success. As a proud Inspired School and the education offered is a nurturing blend of academic focus, and wider values-based engagement. Tender Care Infill Campus fosters experiential education to ensure the holistic development of each child. The school boasts the latest technology throughout and includes all the requisite cultural and sporting facilities of a premium private school.


We offer a three-year program, carefully designed so that your child develops at their own pace. With generous helpings of praise and confidence building methods, we combine work and play to teach reading, writing and arithmetic to prepare your child for entrance into Primary School.

We use thematic methods to develop vocabulary and language across a variety of useful subjects. Each day we organize lots of singing and storytelling to encourage listening and comprehension skills. All this is supported by computer games which introduce your child to new technology while reinforcing reading, writing and numeracy skills.


Infill Branch has the following classes: Playgroup, PP1 & PP2.