A Special Beginning

Welcome to Tender Care Junior Academy


Tender Care Junior Academy is a school that educates and develops the child towards holistic growth through character development, academic excellence, and discovery of their God-given gifts and talents. We offer an education engagement that integrates a robust academic framework, a developed global culture, and leadership development engine, and most importantly an intentional discipleship framework.

Our Academic framework is an enriched model that offers an ideal blend that integrates different curricula, leveraging the different strengths each present. Our CBC offering is enriched with elements for other curricula to strengthen its content and culture framework.

Our Lower Primary Section (Grade 1-3) is a center of excellence, high standards of learning and holistic experience for every child.
Grade 1-3 has fully implemented the new curriculum CBC. Our teachers are fully trained, competent, and updated. The learning is activity-based, and learners fully enjoy the lessons and experimental practice. The facilitation of the learning process is objective to achieving all the competencies in a child

Why Tender Care Junior Academy?

What Our Parents Say

I thank God for Tender Care Junior Academy Ltd. I'm a proud parent. May God cover our kids in Jesus' name. We pray for a smooth term and transition. We cover all the teachers the non-teaching staff and the management with the same blood. We are assured of excellence in Jesus' Name.

Lily Nyahera

This school is the secret behind my daughter's beautiful handwriting... A seven-year-old with a great handwriting

Emily Emo

Thank you so much... you've nurtured my kids and I really appreciate....may God bless and I wish you a happy month and Merry Christmas in advance...

Liz Nyanchera